Cute Baby Chicks You Need To See

Do you love baby animals? These cute baby chicks will give you chick baby fever!

When we bought our house one of the first things we did was drive to Tractor Supply and let the kids pick out their own adorable chicks to bring home to the farm.

The kids were so excited to bring home their chicks and get to snuggle them.

We currently have 12 hens and 3 roosters (2 roosters are due for freezer camp).

For the 2021 year, we’re going to be adding more dual-purpose chickens to our farm. Hopefully, some more Brahma chickens, Faverolles, Sussex, and maybe a few other breeds.

delaware chicken

Cute Baby Chicks

If you’re not sure you want to add chickens to your farm, just take a peek at these sweet and adorable baby chicks and see if your mind isn’t changed!

Baby anything is stinking cute, but there’s something about an adorable chick that makes my momma’s heart melt a little more.

Cute baby chick in the grass.

When baby chicks meet the grass for the first time it’s so fun to watch.

A flower for this adorable little chick.

If you’re not sure what a chick or chicken can or can’t eat check out this post: What Chickens Can Eat and What Chickens Can’t Eat

Little chick strutting her stuff.

Learn what you should know about chickens before bringing home your cute baby chicks.

Daydreaming little chick.

Once your chicks are ready to go out in a coop, you might consider building an A-Frame Coop for your little bitties.

When chicks are so cute you just can’t help but hold them in your lap.

If you’re looking to add cute baby chicks to your homestead I would suggest looking at Meyer Hatchery as they have amazing customer service and their prices are pretty good. 

If you’re handy,  you might consider making little felt hats for your chicks and spamming Instagram with your little ones and their hats!

I mean, just look at how stinking cute this little chick is! Now I want to learn how to felt so I can do things like this.

Not sure if chickens are right for your homestead? Read this post to see which one of these homestead animals you might want instead.

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