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Gardening Ideas for Beginners

As each month and year goes by I’m reminded of the importance of learning to garden. I’m always looking to learn and searching for gardening ideas for beginners that can help me grow a lovely garden even in an RV.

Gardening is more necessary nowadays than anything I believe. We have become so out of touch with where our food comes from and gardening helps to make us appreciate what we have.

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family planting plants after learning gardening ideas for beginners

Gardening Ideas for Beginners

As someone who has a fairly decent brown thumb, I wanted to share some resources that have been helpful for me.

These posts are by people who are green thumb enthusiasts and can really help improve your gardening game.

You’ll have a jam-packed garden that constantly produces for you every year.

So, get out there and use these gardening ideas that are for beginners!

Planning a Garden for Beginners by Original Homesteading

Gardening is a fun and rewarding project that anyone can do regardless of skill level or amount of outdoor space. When thinking about planning a garden, make sure to consider that one container-grown tomato plant can be abundantly productive or not productive at all.

Space-Saving Gardening Strategies by Happiest Camper

If you’re trying to make a garden in a small space I have some tips for you!

Potting Soil Mixtures for Container Gardening by Ann’s Entitled Life

The best soil mixtures for potted plants, best potting soil mixtures for herbs, and best soil mixtures for my vegetables. I am also sharing the planting techniques I used to plant my vegetables, herbs, and flowers in containers! Gardening potting soil mixes 101.

Garden Planning by Mr. Animal Farm

Just starting a garden and not sure what to do? Use these garden planning tips to have a successful garden.

Garden Seed Starting Ideas by Original Homesteading

You can simply purchase potted plants at a nursery, buy starter seedling packs from your local market to re-pot at home or start your own seeds. All of these ways are totally acceptable.

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Simple DIY Raised Bed Garden by Sustain My Craft Habit

Learn how to make your own raised garden bed with just a few supplies.

Best Container Garden Vegetables by Brown Thumb Mama

Growing vegetables in containers is super easy, especially for beginners! Here, you’ll learn the 5 best container vegetables for beginning gardeners, planting instructions, and recipes for your harvest.

How To Grow An Herb Garden by Dian Farmer

Not sure about planting a full vegetable garden? Need to start small? Start an herb garden. You can easily grow all the fresh herbs you’ll ever need simply and inexpensively. You can get your gardening feet wet by starting with a beginner herb garden.

Grow Romaine Lettuce At Home by It’s Garden Thyme

Growing romaine lettuce at home and other crunchy roughage is so easy. There are also so many benefits! There is such a freshness and tenderness to homegrown garden vegetables that can’t be matched.

How to Plant an Herb Garden in a Galvanized Bucket by Our Crafty Mom

Plant your own herb garden in a galvanized bucket right outside your front door. It’s a perfect size and convenient too!

How to Grow Potatoes by Practical Self Reliance

Potatoes are one of the easiest garden vegetables you can grow, and a great way to produce a lot of nutritious calories in a small space.

Plant Your Garden by Attainable Sustainable

If you’re embracing the idea of a garden but not quite sure where to start, read on for ideas on how to plant your own garden.

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