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Is Homeschooling Right For You?

At this time, many are having to homeschool their kids whether they like it or not. Is homeschooling right for you? Is it something you’re even considering?

A lot of people never wanted to homeschool but are in a position now where they have to homeschool. Since the schools are closed, parents are teaching their kids at home (or they’re letting them teach themselves).

You might be wondering if this is something you’d continue doing permanently.

  • It keeps your kids home with you instead of with someone else for 8 hours a day
  • Rather than being cooped up in a building, they get to explore more each day
  • You can control what your child learns
  • You have more control over who they interact with
  • You’re able to tailor the work specifically to your child

The list goes on and on really as far as the benefits go, but you might be wondering…

children coloring

Is Homeschooling Right For You?

That’s a fair question too.

Not everyone is cut out for homeschooling their children.

If you find yourself with a short temper it can be really hard to teach your kids.

You’ll likely end up frustrated, feeling defeated, and everyone might end up crying.

Or, you could end up totally loving the situation.

One sure-fire way to find out? Test it for a month!

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